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Best Beaches in Hana, Maui Hawaii and the Beach to Skip

When planning a trip to Maui, there is no doubt that visiting several of the beautiful beaches will be on your itinerary. Hana, in particular, has some of the most incredible and unique beaches in the world, thanks to the various colors of sand, towering palm trees, and majestic mountain backdrops.  Hana Beaches to Visit…

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February 17, 2023

Items to Pack for Your Road to Hāna Trip

The Road to Hāna is a 64.4-mile stretch of winding road that connects Kahului to the historic and charming town of Hāna along the northeastern cliffside of mount Haleakalā. It is one of the best ways to view incredible seascapes, plunging pools, dramatic waterfalls, and thriving rainforests from a unique perspective, especially when you hop…

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January 20, 2023

Road to Hana: Drive Yourself or Take a Tour?

Experiencing the Road to Hana hits just about every “Top things to do on Maui” list out there, so you definitely must work it into your Maui vacation itinerary. The question is will you dare to drive the famous road yourself or treat yourself to a Road to Hana guided tour?  Our recommendation to…

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January 20, 2023

Maui – Demigod of Polynesia

The legends and myths of ancient civilizations are often the stepping stones to understanding the relationship between man and nature in the minds of ancient peoples. It is helpful to first understand the difference between a legend and a myth. Though the differences can become blurred, in general legends are often stories of real people and…

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October 9, 2018

Hawaii’s Volcanoes

TYPES OF VOLCANOES Most volcanoes of the world are not shield volcanoes. The eruptions of volcanoes like Mount St Helens or the recent eruption of Fuego in Chile are stratovolcanoes. These types of volcanoes have steep sides and produce sudden violent eruptions that send pyroclastic flows of 1000 degree clouds of ash and gases rocketing…

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July 12, 2018

What’s the Weather Like In Maui?

The weather is generally really awesome here on the island of Maui. We have great weather for everyone. Those who love the sun and heat, Kihei & Lahaina are for you. Those that want to live a bit cooler life head for Kula while those who donʻt mind the rain are happily residing in Haiku….

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April 23, 2018

Polynesian Wayfinding and Celestial Navigation

History Of Wayfinding & Celestial Navigation When history speaks of the great explorers of the world we often hear brave stories of conquest and discovery. These stories, with the likes of Magellan, the Vikings and Columbus, tell of men voyaging into the open ocean to discover new lands. However, you may not have learned in school that…

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November 16, 2017

Hawaiian Pidgin English

Hawaiian Pidgin Words & Meanings Pidgin quotes and sayings Hawaiian pidgin evolved from the sugar industry which began in the mid 1850’s on Maui. Immigrant workers came in waves from different countries to work in the sugarcane fields. The first waves of immigration where the Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese who needed to communicate with Haole (english speaking)…

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October 4, 2017

Fall Months in Maui (Sept, Oct, Nov)

Maui In September, October & November Maui is an amazing place to visit year around but you may find that the fall months and early winter seasons can be one of the best times of year on the island. This is because the weather cools down a bit, the crowds are small with the kids returning…

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September 18, 2017

Breadfruit Trees

What Is Breadfruit? One of the most important plants (known as “canoe plants”) brought to Hawai’i by the ancient voyaging Polynesians is the breadfruit tree. This beautiful tree played a major role in colonizing the Pacific and was a key staple food. For hundreds of years before western contact with Hawai’i this fruit tree, called ulu, was…

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September 13, 2017


100 Years Of Hawaiian Kings & Queens Few societies on earth have undergone the immense and fast moving changes brought on by foreign discovery during the 18th and 19th centuries than Hawai’i. In ancient times this self sufficient and battle ready civilization was estimated to have been 1 million strong spread out on 6 major islands. Kamehameha the…

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June 28, 2017

Hawaii History & Civilization Growth

The Hawaiian islands are the most isolated landmass on earth. The earliest archaeological evidence shows some carbon dated fish hooks on the Big Island dating back to 450 AD but most historians believe the classic Hawaiian civilization did not begin to develop until nearly 700 years later. Hawai’i has many mysteries about its ancient past…

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May 18, 2017