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“To impart to our guests a genuine understanding of the aloha spirit and help them to travel pono by fostering care and respect for our community, environment and host culture.”

Valley Isle Excursions is a locally owned and operated Maui-based tour company focused on perpetuating Hawaiian culture and history while being Ambassadors of Aloha. We have been touring in style and comfort since 1997 and have a reputation as Maui’s leader in educational, vehicle-based tours. We are an eco-friendly company and a proud member of the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii. Valley Isle Excursions is proud and grateful to be 1 of 4 commercial tour operators providing land tours into Haleakalā National Park (Summit District) through 2028.

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Yolanda P. Hutaff – President

Yolanda grew up on the north shore of Oahu. She began her journey as a guide in the 1970s working for both Polynesian Cultural Center and the Kahuku Sugar Mill. She moved to Maui in 1984 starting out as an airport greeter and an activity seller for a Hāna/Haleakalā tour company. She became a Haleakalā/Hāna tour guide shortly thereafter for multiple tour companies. She and her husband Ray  acquired ownership of Valley Isle Excursions, Inc. in 2002. 

She has 30 years of experience driving tours on the Hāna Highway and the Sunrise at the Summit of Haleakalā and is an expert storyteller/guide regarding cultural traditions of the Park and Maui. Tutored by local kupuna across the regions, she is respected and loved in the local Maui communities.

Raymond J. Hutaff – Vice President:

Ray was raised on the Island of Oahu from the age of two and a half years. His mother’s family has been on the Hawai’ian Islands for over 150 years. In 1967 he volunteered for the U.S. Army, serving in Germany, Okinawa, and Vietnam as a mechanic on wheeled vehicles, tanks, and generators.

  • One of the first 200 mechanics to be certified as a licensed mechanic in 1975
  • Converted two trucks & two forklifts from gasoline to ethanol starting in 1978 for Dole Cannery
  • Shop Manager and Lead Mechanic at Goodyear, Midas Muffler, Hertz, Maui Linen & Kihei Union 76
  • Master Mechanic, ASE-Certified from 1982 to 2012 for all car, truck, and bus types
  • Developed a Preventive Maintenance Software program based on Q&A and converted to SESAME format

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KOKUA: help | KULEANA: responsibility | LE`ALE`A: happiness, joyful |
`IMI NA`AUAO: seek knowledge | MALAMA: to care