HPS   Humpback Whale and Baby Underwater in Maui

Humpback Whale Watching In Maui

During the winter Humpback Whales visit Maui. Experience the beauty of these majestic creatures who fill the waters of Hawaii between December and April. Choose how you want do whale watching in Maui; SUP, Kayak, The Beach, Canoe, Raft or Boat?
Maui Wailea Beach

Thanksgiving Day in Maui - Top Things to Do

Enjoy Thanksgiving week in Maui as there are many events happening throughout the week and into the weekend.  Start your day with a Paddle For Hunger and finish with a wonderful dinner.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving this year.
Maui Banyan Trees In Lahaina At Night

Maui Halloween Celebrations, Events & Traditions

Join the festivities across Maui this Halloween.  Lahaina holds the biggest event but there are other celebrations of zombies, ghosts and costumes in Kihei, Kula and Kahului too.
Maui Road to Hana Fruit Stand at Keanae Penisula

Halfway to Hana or Not?

For those who are looking to go only halfway to Hana, this is the guide for you.  Going 1/2 way means missing more than 3/4 of the beauty and attraction that a full day road to Hana tour would provide.
Pāʻia and Maui’s North Shore Beaches

Father's Day in Maui

Father's day is special even if there are no specially prepared brunches or appreciation dinners.  Take your father out for a day at the beach, enjoying a beer, a golf game or even a fun family tour.