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south Maui beaches

The Definitive Guide to Maui Beaches

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It’s a bit of a joke in Maui about the titles the media gives our beaches.  Pretty much any Maui beach you’re standing on was a “Best Beach in America” at some point.  Our beaches are often mentioned in some of the world’s best beach category too!  America’s Best Beaches award has been picked from Maui’s [...]

Maui Hana overlook

Maui Ancient History

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Along the Road to Hana Ancient Hawaiians were a people without writing who preserved their history in chants and legends. Maui’s ancient history was passed down through the generations by the Kahuna priests (wise men) of old Hawaii.  Hana, on the eastern side of Maui, has some of the richest and most vibrant history of the entire [...]

Hana Fruit Stand

Maui Tropical Fruit

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Where to find the best Maui tropical fruit It goes without saying that you will try some of Maui’s tropical fruit while visiting the island.   Probably on your first meal outing.  Papaya, mango and pineapple are on just about every menu no matter where you go.  But those who live on the island know [...]

Maui Backside road & ocean

Driving in Maui and the Road to Hana

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Maui Sightseeing by Car Getting to the airport, security lines, layovers and feverishly counted hours on a plane and you’ve finally made it to Maui. Now you can relax.  Except now there are so many things to see and do.  Exploring in a car in Maui actually has it’s own level of stress.  The narrow [...]

Maui beach couple marriage

Maui Beach Weddings

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Maui Beach Wedding – Do it Yourself! Maui beach weddings are big business on Maui.   Being a professional photographer on the island for over 20 years I’ve shot many weddings, mostly back in the 90’s and several for friends since 2000.  Lots of people come here to get married because of the simplicity.  A [...]

four seasons resort maui

Thanksgiving Day in Maui – Top 5 Things to Do

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There are many ways to enjoy Thanksgiving day in Maui and I won’t go into everyone of them here but I will share with you my Top 5 Things To Do if you’re visiting Maui for Thanksgiving. Having lived for close to 20 years in Hawaii I have experienced Thanksgiving day in Maui in dozens [...]

road to hana tour

Maui Tour Guides – Road to Hana Tour

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Imagine for a moment what it must be like for Maui tour guides driving the road to Hana every day… If you’ve ever been on the road to Hana, you’ll know it is one of the most beautiful yet harrowing drives in all of Hawaii.  As a professional photographer I have been photographing for a [...]

Hawaii National Park Haleakala

Hawaii National Parks Re Opened

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Hawaii National Parks were closed during the government shutdown in 2013, and sadly that includes the summit of Haleakala. Most of the national parks throughout the U.S. are transitioning into the change of season during the closure of the government.  This is sad because the fall colors in these parks are often the most spectacular [...]

White Ice Calathea

Maui Flower Farms in Hana

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Maui Flower Farms along the road to Hana One of the great things about a road to Hana tour is the opportunity to see and learn about the immense diversity of Maui’s tropical flower farms. Hana van tours are one of the best ways to see some outstanding examples of Maui flower farms.  One tour [...]