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a man standing in front of a sunset on a maui private tour

When visiting Maui, there is no doubt you will want to see the beauty of the island and get the most out of your time (and money). Maui private tours are one of the best ways to do this! Here are some of the benefits of taking a private group tour around the island of Maui. 

Private Tours Are Great For Groups

When visiting Maui with a group, booking a private tour is an excellent way to explore the island. Whether you are having a bachelor or bachelorette party, celebrating a wedding, having a company retreat, family reunion, or family vacation, booking a private tour allows the group to spend time together and have a shared experience that you can customize to your liking. 

Private Tours Are More Relaxing

Your vacation should be relaxing! While you can go out and explore Maui on your own, taking a private tour will allow you to really relax while someone else shows you all that the area has to offer. Exploring the area on your own can end up feeling stressful if you have to create your own itinerary and aren’t sure where to go or how to get there. Maui private tours allow you to focus on enjoying the experience with your group of friends and family rather than navigating through an unfamiliar area. 

Create a Custom Itinerary

When you take a private tour, you can work with the tour guides ahead of time to customize your itinerary and create an experience that is perfect for you and your group. This is especially wonderful when you are traveling with a large group of family and/or friends. Then everyone can have some input on what they want to do or see on the tour. 

Learn More About The Area, History and Culture

One of the great things about Hawaii and Maui is the culture and history. When you take a private tour, you will have the opportunity to ask more questions and learn so much about what makes each stop on your tour special. You are sure to feel more connected to the island after taking a private tour, where you get the chance to see the sights and learn about their significance. 

See The Best Areas

a person standing next to a waterfall on a maui private tour

For visitors to Maui, it can be challenging to know what areas are truly going to be the best places to visit and what places are perhaps not open to tourists. Some areas where tourists frequently visit may be next to private land or near areas that aren’t safe to freely explore, and a tour guide can ensure you’re in an area that is safe and welcomes visitors. When you book a private tour in Maui, you can choose to make your way down the Road to Hāna, visit Haleakalā National Park, see waterfalls and beaches, lava tubes, wildlife, local businesses, and so much more!

No Need to Rent a Car

When you’re planning a trip to Maui, you likely have a budget for all of the travel, food, and fun things you want to do. Renting a car on vacation can be quite expensive, and you may only end up using the car a few times. Choosing to see the island through a private tour can eliminate the expense of a rental car. This is especially helpful when traveling with a large group because renting a large enough vehicle or multiple vehicles can be pricey. Plus, many resorts and hotels have free shuttles to take you to other places you may need to go during your stay. And many private tours will pick you up at your resort!

Maui Private Tours with Valley Isle Excursions

tour bus on maui private tour

A Maui private tour with Valley Isle Excursions is a great way to see the island. Customize and set the itinerary to your liking! Some groups may want to skip a number of spots so they can maximize their time at the highlights of their choice. We can also provide new options that are not normally available on our standard tours. See the areas you can explore during a day on Maui or choose an event, like sunrise or sunset, and see things in a whole different light with your own private driver. We have both 12-passenger and 24-passenger transportation options, so you can fit the whole crew! Visit the website or call 808-871-5224 to book a private tour today!