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Maui Flower Farms Along The Road To Hana

One of the great things about the road to Hana is the opportunity to see and learn about the immense diversity of Maui’s tropical flower farms. From botanical gardens to working farms shipping flowers around the world, Hana is an amazing place to view flowers. Its outlying areas of farms, gardens and private residents are growing some of the most diverse and beautiful flowers in all Hawai’i!

a pink flower on a plant

Flowers are an important part of the Hawaiian culture as can be seen with the flower lei. All along the road to Hana you will see flower lei for sale. There are many different kinds and designs of lei – some of which take many hours to make!

Hana van tours are one of the best ways to see some outstanding examples of Maui flower farms.   Valley Isle Excursions  has been taking visitors out on the road to Hana for over 20 years. This tour has a lunch stop at a flower farm just outside the town of Hana.  It’s a wonderful example of the diverse types of flowers & how they’re an important part of the culture. Strolling the grounds after lunch, you never know what types of flowers you may see at any given time of year.

As a professional photographer I have always been drawn to flowers and it took me years to figure out the names and types of flowers I’ve photographed on Maui.

a vase of flowers on a plant

Aside from flower farms many yards and properties in Hana have flowering trees and hedges that were planted generations ago. These flowers are often variations that you won’t see anywhere else.  Many of the residents in Hana will put out a bucket of flowers, along with fresh fruit, for sale at the end of their driveway. An honor box is often used with these roadside spots so please be respectful of the residents and bring some cash when traveling this road.

One of the best ways to learn about flowers other than a Hana tour is a visit to Maui Tropical Plantation. This flower farm is in Waikapū, near the town of Wailuku.  Here you can also learn about the fruits and flower types while taking in a bit of the history of Maui farming.  I enjoyed learning about how these beautiful varieties originally ended up on the island.

a car parked on the side of a flower

I’ve always loved the big ones.  Heliconia, ginger, bird of paradise, hibiscus, protea and all the variations within these species that make for some amazing photos.  You can find flowers almost anywhere in Maui so I suggest keeping a camera ready at all times.  You never know when an amazing flower might appear.

On a side note, next time you’re in a Maui flower farm and you see one of these red, pink, yellow, blue, or white ginger blossoms, ask first, then give it a squeeze. You will be pleasantly surprised…

Aloha Nui Loa

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