Road to Hana Waterfalls

Some of Maui’s most stunning waterfalls can be seen up close and are scattered all along the famous Road to Hana. Even a very short hike into the jungle takes you through a sampling of the exotic lush vegetation typical of Maui’s rainforest. Swimming holes at base of many Maui waterfalls can be a wonderful place to take a dip in the cool mountain water (unless marked with a ‘no swimming’ or ‘caution’ sign).

The waterfalls are fed by the rains from Haleakala. It takes anywhere from 6 to 12 hours for the water to travel down the mountain to create these picturesque waterfalls, which is why an expert guide is necessary to find the best waterfalls of the day. Our guides are trained to know which waterfalls are flowing, depending on when and where the rains fall.

Taro & Maui Waterfalls

Hawaiians believe water is life, because it fed their taro farms for the last 1500 years. Most taro is grown hydroponically, allowing the mountain water to continue on its natural path to the ocean. The fresh water, after nourishing the taro, enters the ocean and creates food for the fish and the coral. The minerals that have been collected on the waters’ journey to the ocean are rich and necessary for ocean life to thrive.

Tour Maui’s Waterfalls

Valley Isle Excursions customized Cruisers elevate you, to ensure you see it all. You must be able to see above the guard rails, so all of the Road to Hana’s beauty is revealed and accessible at all times, whether you decide to get out or not. Guardrails have been placed along the road in strategic spots, to help keep people safe, but with 600+ turns it would be more than just a bit financially and physically challenging to put guardrails along the entirety of this famous stretch of asphalt! (Most of which has a cliff on one side until you reach Hana!) All joking aside, safety is paramount on the Road to Hana.

road to hana Waterfalls  under bridge

A common problem for those who decide to drive themselves is that the guardrails are just high enough to block your views of the waterfalls. It is frustrating to travel the Road to Hana in a car, or even a Jeep, because you’ll be missing most of the amazing plants and exotic birds. Elevation is the key to being able to see it all, so you won’t miss a thing, even if the weather isn’t cooperating!

Enjoy the scenery of the Road to Hana and take some unforgettable pictures through our custom Cruiser’s huge windows while keeping yourself and your camera dry. Everyone else braving the Road needs to stop, attempt to find a place to park (not always an easy task), and hike back to the bridge to get their shot. In some cases, it’s almost impossible to stop because of the limited space on the sides of the highway and the overwhelming number of tourists. When this is the case, we just go slowly so you can get your photo and then we’re off to the next stop. The special design of our Comfort Cruisers allows our expert guides to show you more of the island’s waterfalls and other amazing sites in less time than you would be able to see them on your own.