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Survive The Hana Road in Maui, Hawaii

There are 617 curves along the road to Hana, also known as the “Divorce Highway”. Our experienced Hana tour guides are knowledgeable of the driving etiquette which makes the journey oh-so-much more enjoyable for you, the passenger. There is an incredible amount to see, learn about and experience along the road to Hana. It’s not the destination but the journey that makes the Hana highway so wonderful and famous, most of which is hidden from site in the lush tropical forest along the way. Bamboo forests, rain forests, beautiful waterfalls, exotic edible fruits, Hawaiian legends, folklore, history and so much more.

Hawaiian Offering placed at the door of the house. View From The Road to Hana A red flower found along the hana road and in most gardens in Hana, Maui.

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Valley Isle Excursions, Inc. takes you on one of the most breathtaking drives on earth through Maui’s tropical rainforest. 52 miles, 617 curves, 56 one lane bridges, (no, those are NOT typos!), pineapple fields, spectacular cliffs, bamboo jungles, waterfalls, tropical streams and pools, colorful and fragrant island flowers and rainforest vegetation are all to be enjoyed on your way to “Heavenly Hana”.

Highways of Maui, Hawaii

Usually US highways are numerical, (Route 10, 70, 405 or 66), but here in Hawaii we give them names. The road or highway is generally given the name of the town or village it passes through, or it’s final destination, or it’s just a nice name and it stuck. Our tour doesn’t just take you down the Hana highway, but many others too. Some are only a few miles long. Piilani, Kula and Ulupalakua highways are all used. Especially on the way back from Hana.

The road from Hana Hawaii is still technically the Hana Highway until around Oheo Gulch where it meets up with another state of Hawaii highway, Piilani. This goes for a while, circling around the mountain, starting at the Oheo Gulch, passing through Kipahulu, Kaupo and PalaPala before meeting up with another highway, Ulupalakua. This highway takes us to the winery. The Kula highway starts after the Tedeschi Winery and takes us back down the mountainside around sunset, bringing us back to Kahului where the Hana Highway starts. We complete a huge loop that will take 10 to 12 hours to complete making the maui road to hana tour a full day adventure.

Roads In Maui Hawaii

The roads and Highways in Maui are known to be quite dangerous. The Hana Highway, Maui most dangerous, featuring twists and turns, many blind turns and distracting scenery. The extreme weather conditions that hit that part of the island takes out bridges and causes landslides, blocking the road. For many years access beyond Hana was limited due to poor state or non existent road as well as an old stone bridge that was slowly being replaced. Today, the access is better, the bridge has been replaced with a shiny new metal one and the dirt road gets graded often, filling in the potholes and clearing the boulders.

Take our word for it and avoid all the stress of driving. Learn, See and Do more with Valley Isle Excursions. We will take care of the driving, the meals and drinks while you fully relax and enjoy a fun filled day in the land we call “Heavenly Hana”. You won’t be disappointed.

Hana Highway Tour

The Road to Hana takes you through a number of different areas. The tour is not just the way to Hana, it’s also about the journey back. The Hana highway circles Haleakala mountain until it meets up with the Kula highway near the Tedeschi Winery, high up on the mountain side, again to the south. It’s over 90 miles long, making this Highway Maui’s longest.

A few of the stops along the Road to Hana section of our tour includes:

Overlook at Hookipa

Depending on the time of the year, you will see a variety of windsurfers and/or surfers plowing through the waves while sea turtles bob for air as they eat the sea vegetables off the reef.

Rainforest Trees & Flowers

Traveling through some of the wettest parts of the island, the road twists and turns, with bright flowers and unusual trees. There are trees with huge orange flowers that can be seen for miles. One of our favorites stops for photos is a grove of trees with bark as colorful as the rainbow.

Hawaiian Waterfalls

Passing underneath, and sometimes over the road to Hana are streams, cool and clear, pouring down the mountain, giving us amazing sights of water falling. The rainy side keeps the creeks full and sometimes over-full making waterfalls everywhere. Since the watershed is quite small, many of the island’s waterfalls slow to a trickle quite quickly. Flash floods happen quite often. We will stop for many road side waterfalls. Some of the biggest and most spectacular will take a bit of a hike to get to. We will give you time to do that at the Oheo Gulch after lunch.

Keanae Peninsula

Coming down out of the rainforest, from high above the coastline, we make a stop at a this rocky peninsula. This piece of land, backfilled by soil, manually brought down the mountains by the hawaiian’s centuries ago, is full of history. The taro fields, the locals and the old stone church, a survivor of a tsunami 60 years ago, occupy this coastal lowland.

Black Sand Beach

The volcanic island, is succumbing to erosion by the pounding of the waves against the shore, unlike the white sandy beaches made of coral on the south side of the island. The waves are more rough and the water is cooler making it harder for a coral reef to form.

Hana Classic Picnic

Arriving in Hana just in time for lunch, our chefs have laid out one of the best picnics in Hawaii. We work hard to be eco-friendly so our cutlery and dishes are all re-usable. Unlike other tours, we work hard to limit trash and waste. All the beverage containers are recycled. Please let us know ahead of time if you are vegetarian or on a special diet. Our Hawaiian Picnic lunch will keep you satisfied and ready for an afternoon of exploration.

Hana Road and Beyond

Valley Isle Excursions takes you beyond Hana to where you can see the hawaiian culture rooted in the land, low rock walls line the roads and waterfalls cascade from high above you. After the picnic in Hana, and an exploration of the town and bay, we check out Hasegawa’s store on our way out of town.

Our Hana Road Tour is operated in our Comfort Cruisers

  • Tour sizes are limited to 12 passengers to ensure maximum service and comfort
  • Luxury of a conversion van
  • Spaciousness of a motor coach
  • Air conditioned for your comfort
  • Large individual reclining captain chairs
  • Breathtaking views from our panoramic windows

From the ELEVATED view of our Comfort Cruisers, you see more than the views from a rent-a car, our guides will drive for you and share their love and knowledge of the road to Hana.


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Beautiful Waterfalls
The road to Hana reveals stunning waterfalls, cradled by a lush tropical rain forest, around nearly every turn of the highway. Get your camera ready! See the Waterfalls
Palapala Ho'omau Church
The final resting place of the American aviation legend, Charles Lindbergh. Quiet and full of reverence, visitors of all ages flock to this pioneering aviator's grave site throughout the year. Experience the peacefulness
Tedeschi Winery
Experience Maui's only winery, located upcountry, in Ulapalakula. Take a moment to have a sip of delightful, tropically-inspired vino including their award winning Plantation Red and then bring a bottle, or two, back to your hotel for an aperitif. A great way to end a perfect day! Sip some wine...
Pools at Oheo Gulch
The Pools of Oheo are located in the Kipahulu Section of Haleakala National Park. Great for swimming, relaxing, daydreaming and taking some photos of a lifetime! Go for a swim!
Keanae Peninsula
Centuries ago Hawaiians brought soil down, by hand, from the mountains to create the Keanae Peninsula. Their amazing display of physical labor is a testament to how revered this land is in Hawaiian culture. It is no wonder so much history is found here! Learn more...
Black Sand Beach
Waianapanapa State Park boasts a beach that is unlike any other on the island of Maui. It's a black sand beach, created by thousands of years of pounding surf on this geologically fresh lava flow... A perfect spot for sunbathing and picture taking! Take a beachwalk...

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Enjoy your journey on the Road to Hana with Valley Isle Excursions! Call Toll Free: (877) 871-5224

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