Truly, the “most Hawaiian” community on Maui and possibly in all of Hawaii. Swimming, snorkeling, hiking, fishing and sightseeing are just a few of the activities enjoyed here by locals and visitors alike. Hana boasts being the home of Maui’s Black Sand Beach. Here in Hana there is a feeling of tranquility unlike any other place on the island. “Heavenly Hana” is an appropriate name for this serene place.

However, if you have been the driver on the road to Hana then tranquil is probably not how you are feeling when you finally arrive because for the past three hours your eyes have been pasted onto the 617 curves and 54 one lane bridges that make up the road to Hana.

A road to Hana guide can solve that for you…let them drive!

Exclusive Luxury Van Tour! First on Maui!

Alau Island Offshore of Koki BeachCome join us and prepare to be pampered as you tour the “Road to Hana” in air conditioned comfort in our 12 passenger luxury vans. Relax in the comfort of your reclining captain’s chair, (no uncomfortable bench seats allowed!). Begin your tour with a Hawaiian continental breakfast. Enjoy a delicious buffet picnic lunch: Baked barbecue chicken, salads, all served with china, silverware and linens, (no box lunches or plastic utensils for our passengers!) Quench your thirst on complimentary beverages served throughout the day. Hana’s Black Sand Beach at Waianapanapa State Park is magical and mythical. Swim the Pools of Oheo while in Haleakala National Park. Stop at 0ur 13 tour locations, including memorable photo opportunities. Our tour offers over 4 hours worth of stops!. Compare our “Road to Hana Van Tour” with any other Hana tour and we know we’ll see you soon!

Half the fun is getting there. The road to Hana, with its 617 hair pin turns and 56 narrow one-lane bridges is an all day affair. The lookouts, waterfalls, trails and wayside parks on the way are THE experience. Hana has things to do but beyond Hana there is so much more, including Wailua Fallsthe Oheo Pools and Kaupo,  just to name a few.

Located on the eastern-most tip of Maui, Hana is famous for it’s natural beauty, rural life-style, and its friendly people.

Tour Hana’s scenic sites while they are still unspoiled by modern man. While in Hana take the time to swim in cool, clear mountain pools. You could surf, sun bathe or swim at a white-sand, black-sand, or red-sand beach. Hana still has large in-shore fish populations and on calm days allowing snorkeling amongst hundreds of fish species. Hana is a photographer’s’ playground, offering dozens of waterfalls and unparalleled coastal/mountain views.

Tour Hana to see these highlights:

  • Just outside of the town of Hana is Waianapanapa State Park. It is ruggedly beautiful with a lava outcropping just offshore to a small, black sand beach perfect for sunbathing. It sprawls 122 acres and has a picnic area, native Hala forest, cave, blowholes, shoreline fishing and camping.
  • The picturesque Hana Bay, with it’s boat launch, picnic areas and the nearby Hana Cultural Museum, which is open daily.
  • On the Hana Highway, across from the Hana Ranch store is Hasegawa General Store. It was established in 1910 and sells an incredible number of different products, many produced by local residents, like celebrity Jim Nabor’s mac nuts.

Fun in Hana, Maui

Considering that a one-lane, somewhat ancient, (by modern day standards), paved road is all that services just about the entire area – with a local population of 1200 people scattered over fifty miles – Hana is a visitors’ dream. Discovering this little gem on Maui is really good fun and the best way to see the stand out highlights is with a knowledgeable tour guide. We take you to the places you really want to go but didn’t know it until you got there. Enjoy a Hana tour with us and we’ll take you beyond Hana as well!

Our Road To Hana Tour is operated in our Comfort Cruisers

  • Tour sizes are limited to 12 passengers to ensure maximum service and comfort
  • Luxury of a modified conversion van
  • Spaciousness of a motor coach
  • Air conditioned for your comfort
  • Large individual reclining captain chairs
  • Breathtaking views from our panoramic windows

From the ELEVATED view of our Comfort Cruisers, you see more than the views from a rent-a-car or Jeep and our guides will drive for you while sharing their love and knowledge of the road, the land and the cultures of the people who live there.