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The Road to Hāna is a 64.4-mile stretch of winding road that connects Kahului to the historic and charming town of Hāna along the northeastern cliffside of mount Haleakalā. It is one of the best ways to view incredible seascapes, plunging pools, dramatic waterfalls, and thriving rainforests from a unique perspective, especially when you hop on board the Valley Isle Excursions tour van. Check out our list of items to bring when you’re spending the day making the extraordinary journey to Hāna

What to Bring on the Road to Hāna

Digital Camera

If you own a digital camera or DSLR camera, you will be happy you brought it with you on the road to Hāna. Take photographs of the breathtaking views so you can revel in the memories later. Don’t forget to bring your camera bag, an extra battery, and an additional memory card so you can snap as many photos as you want throughout the entire trip!

A Fully Charged Phone

If you choose to use your phone to take photos and videos, no doubt you will be using much of your phone’s battery life snapping photos and recording video of the beauty that continuously surrounds you. So, be sure to start the day with a fully charged phone battery! If you know your phone has short battery life and you don’t want to risk a dead battery before the trip is over, consider bringing along a small, portable battery pack so you have a power source at your fingertips! Don’t forget the charging cable, too!

Motion Sickness Remedy

Traveling the road to Hāna is winding, and you will want to be looking out of the windows the entire time! The trip might be more enjoyable if you take a motion sickness remedy, such as Dramamine, beforehand if you know you are prone to motion sickness. The trip can last 12 hours or more from pick-up to drop-off, so bring extra doses with you if you will need to take more after a few hours. Some people also like to use wristbands, like Sea-Band brand, or ginger chews that can help relieve the symptoms of motion sickness that some people get from the road to Hana hairpin turns. It’s also worth noting that making the trip with a Valley Isle Excursions tour guide at the wheel, your chances of motion sickness are reduced. These locals are pros at driving this road while keeping passengers as comfortable as possible. Driving it yourself may be a different story. 

Jacket or Sweatshirt

Bringing a jacket on the trip will help keep you comfortable and dry. While the weather at the start of your trip could be plenty warm and sunny, on the road to Hāna you are likely to encounter passing rain showers. You will be touring through the rainforest after all! That means weather can be sunny one minute and raining the next. East Maui also tends to be a cooler area in general. The tour vans are climate-controlled to keep passengers comfortable, but when you’re outside the van, you will want to stay dry in the event of a rain shower. 


There will be a few stops along the way where you may want to purchase a souvenir or some famously delicious Maui banana bread, so don’t forget to bring some cash with you. There is no WiFi along the road to Hāna, so your credit or debit card may be of no use since many of the vendors operate on a cash only basis. There are tons of local eats to try and unique keepsakes you won’t want to miss out on!

Water Shoes

While you might feel like you can live in your sandals during your Hawaiian vacation, you will want to bring along water shoes for your trip to Hāna. Whether you’re taking a swim at the waterfall pool or walking along the beach at Waianapanapa, water shoes will be safer and more comfortable. 


What You Won’t Need to Bring

No Need to Pack a Lunch or Eat a Large Breakfast

When you take the Road to Hāna tour with Valley Isle Excursions, you will stop for a light breakfast of fruits and pastries before embarking on the road trip. Having a light breakfast is recommended versus a big breakfast to keep your stomach happier on the curvy road. Once its time for lunch, this will be provided for you! This classic Hāna picnic lunch will fill your belly and give you a taste of the island. There are also tons of places along the way to purchase snacks from local businesses like Aunty Sandy’s banana bread stand!

Bottled Water is Provided

Our Road to Hāna tour includes cold bottled water, so you won’t have to worry about being thirsty during your trip. We do also allow you to bring your own reusable water bottle if you prefer. If you prefer something other than water, the coolers are also stocked with tasty tropical fruit juice!  

No Map Required

One of the huge benefits of taking a tour on the road to Hāna is that you don’t have to worry about navigating the winding road and those classic road to Hāna hairpin turns. An experienced local guide will be at the wheel so you can relax and take in the stunning views. 


Book a Guided Tour with Valley Isle Excursions

The Road to Hāna allows visitors to see a side of the island that you can’t experience anywhere else. With the 600+ turns and 50+ one-lane bridges, you’ll want to be able to focus on enjoying the sites rather than being focused on making the drive safely when making those road to Hana hairpin turns. Leave that to the experienced local tour guides at Valley Isle Excursions. 

We will even pick you up at your hotel or condo, help you find the best photo opportunities, make stops for bathroom breaks and sightseeing, and provide cold bottled water or juice and a Hāna classic picnic lunch. Large windows and elevated seats in our extra roomy 12-passenger custom-built van will provide you with the best views as you make your way through the road to Hana hairpin turns. Our amazing local guides provide a top-notch experience, answering any questions you may have along the way. Book the Road to Hana Tour and come holoholo with us while experiencing paradise with a local perspective!

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