Maui Snow on Haleakala Summit

What to Expect November Thru February on Maui

Maui is beautiful year around destination but many come in the winter months to escape the cold.  Here is a rundown of what to expect during these gorgeous winter months in Maui...
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Spring Break in Maui

Enjoy Spring break in Maui 2016. This is a great place for families who don't want to deal with the college students in Mexico and Southern states. Come visit Hawaii.
Maui Wailea Beach

Thanksgiving Day in Maui - Top Things to Do

Enjoy Thanksgiving week in Maui as there are many events happening throughout the week and into the weekend.  Start your day with a Paddle For Hunger and finish with a wonderful dinner.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving this year.
Maui Road to Hana Fruit Stand at Keanae Penisula

Halfway to Hana or Not?

For those who are looking to go only halfway to Hana, this is the guide for you.  Going 1/2 way means missing more than 3/4 of the beauty and attraction that a full day road to Hana tour would provide.

Father's Day in Maui

Father's day is special even if there are no specially prepared brunches or appreciation dinners.  Take your father out for a day at the beach, enjoying a beer, a round of golf or even a fun family tour.
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Maui Banana Bread

Banana bread is just one of those things most people will eat their entire lives. But I will say this - you have not had the world's best banana bread until you’ve had some in Hawaiʻi,  specifically banana bread from Maui’s road to Hana.  Why?  It’s all about the bananas baby!
Maui Photography Tips From A Pro

Celebrate Mother's Day on Maui

Hawaiʻi is all about Ohana (family) and there are few holidays that mean more to Maui's local culture than Mother’s Day. From concerts to Sunday Brunches to beachside picnics, Maui is a fantastic place to be for Mom's special day!
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Valentine Ideas On Maui

Enjoy Valentines day on Maui with our list of great restaurants, things to do and places to see. There is always whale watching!
Kalua Cheesecake

Kahlua & Cheesecake Recipe

Homemade Kahlua is easy to make and delicious. Cheesecake is a favorite decadent treat. Add the two together and you have a dessert that is out of this world!
Fireworks at NYE

Bringing In New Years In Maui

Maui is a great place to be during the holidays.  To make it more enjoyable we want to share with you some of the things you can do in Maui around on or around New Years Eve.
Smoked Prime Rib

Maui Style Marinated Prime Rib and Herb Rub Recipe

If you love prime rib you'll love this Hawaii inspired recipe! The herb rub is quite universal too and useful in many dishes. Aloha and enjoy!
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Maui Christmas Holiday

Maui is a fantastic place to spend the holidays. Here is a roundup of what's going on around the island...