The history of Maui can be seen in the trees. Trees planted along the roads, trails and highways had many purposes over the years. Learn more about their uses and their beauty on tour with us.

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Breadfruit was an important source of food and was brought thousands of miles across the Pacific ocean by ancient Polynesians. Early western explorers understood it’s importance and transported it back to the Caribbean. Learn more about this amazing source of food, it’s uses, history and epic stories too!

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Learn all about the uses and wonders of Maui’s trees. The history of Maui is in the trees. The banyan, sandalwood, coconut, jacaranda and banana trees all have a story to tell that makes Maui no ka oi.

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One of the most amazing areas of Maui is the road to Hana.  Whether you drive yourself or enjoy a relaxing Hana tour there is something special within the Hana rainforest that you should stop and see… the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree!

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There are many flowering trees in Maui but the two most impressive of these are the Jacaranda trees of upcountry and the Royal Poinciana trees which are found throughout Maui’s coastal towns.