Hiking on Maui is very popular as there is so many beautiful spots to see. There are many short and long hikes available for all age and ability levels.

Ancient Maui was vastly different than it is today. Rainforest and native dryland forest covered Haleakala’s slopes from sea level to over 7000′ elevation. This is the fictional story of a young Hawaiian making his way through this highly structured ancient lifestyle to become an Kalai Wa’a – the Hawaiian canoe carver.

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There are so many ways to get great photos on your next Maui vacation. Here are some tips and how-tos from our pro. Use great equipment or your cell-phone, either way use this advice to make your photos on Maui the best vacation photos ever.

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There are many hiking trails all over Maui. They range from old abandoned roads to ancient pathways used by Hawaiians for centuries. There are also many hiking companies with wonderful 1/2 day and full day hikes for all levels.

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From day hikes to full overnight camping Haleakala National Park has lots of options for exploring this stunning volcanic landscape.