There is nothing like holidays in Hawaii. Explore the beauty of Maui during Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween and so many more state events too.

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Maui is an amazing place to visit year around but you may find that the fall months and early winter seasons can be one of the best times of year on the island. This is because the weather cools down a bit, the crowds are small with the kids returning to school and plenty of holiday activities abound.

Prince Kuhio was one of Hawaii’s most beloved figures. He became the first Hawaiian delegate to congress and worked tirelessly for the rights of the Hawaiian people to stay on their ancestral lands.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy of peaceful protest and standing up for equality inspired our nation. His call to Americans and the world to become more aware of the struggles of minorities and to promote cultural diversity fits well with Hawaii…

From the day of his birth it was said he was destined to vanquish his rivals. An ancient prophecy that came true. Kamehameha, through war and negotiation, united an island chain and brought peace to the Hawaiian people.

Every day was Earth Day to the ancient Hawaiians. Check out these Earth Day events in Maui and learn how you too can have a wonderful eco vacation on this stunningly beautiful island!

From brunches to egg hunting to historic churches, Maui is a wonderful place to enjoy this springtime holiday!

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Maui is beautiful year around destination but many come in the winter months to escape the cold.  Here is a rundown of what to expect during these gorgeous winter months in Maui…

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Enjoy Thanksgiving week in Maui as there are many events happening throughout the week and into the weekend.  Start your day with a Paddle For Hunger and finish with a wonderful dinner.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving this year.

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Join the festivities across Maui this Halloween.  Lahaina holds the biggest event but there are other celebrations of zombies, ghosts and costumes in Kihei, Kula and Kahului too.

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Father’s day is special even if there are no specially prepared brunches or appreciation dinners.  Take your father out for a day at the beach, enjoying a beer, a round of golf or even a fun family tour.