Explore what we have to share from Maui. Our blog is filled with stories, tips, weather charts and so much more. See posts on history, cultural expressions, flowers and plants too.

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Maui the demigod is one of the most well-known Hawaiian figures made popular by movies that feature incredible legends, and stories. Learn about Maui now.

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Information about the weather on Maui. Learn all about the ways to keep safe and continue to enjoy your Maui vacation no matter the type of Maui weather you encounter.

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Explore Maui’s history through the Hawaiian monarchy from Kamehameha the Great to the overthrow. Learn more about those who shaped the Hawaiian cultural renaissance and their impact today.

For over 1000 years Hawaiians evolved on one of the most isolated landmasses on earth. There voyages and society were one of the most advanced and creative in the south Pacific. Learn about their incredible ancient journey to build a sustainable home and culture in these majestic islands…

Rat lungworm disease has been present in Hawai’i for close to 50 years but gets little attention since it’s so rare. Find out why it’s come into the spotlight recently and what this illness is and how to prevent it…

Prince Kuhio was one of Hawaii’s most beloved figures. He became the first Hawaiian delegate to congress and worked tirelessly for the rights of the Hawaiian people to stay on their ancestral lands.

There are many things to do in Maui. However few understand the unique culture and island etiquette involved when visiting this amazing island. Here are some things to do to connect with the host culture and enjoy the people as well as the places of Maui.

There’s nothing like a beautiful scenic drive…unless you’re dealing with car sickness. We look into causes, symptoms, popular remedies and some tips for dealing with car sickness while on vacation.

Ancient Maui was vastly different than it is today. Rainforest and native dryland forest covered Haleakala’s slopes from sea level to over 7000′ elevation. This is the fictional story of a young Hawaiian making his way through this highly structured ancient lifestyle to become an Kalai Wa’a – the Hawaiian canoe carver.

Every day was Earth Day to the ancient Hawaiians. Check out these Earth Day events in Maui and learn how you too can have a wonderful eco vacation on this stunningly beautiful island!