Please Note: Starting in mid-May, Maui Wine and Ulupalakua Ranch Store will no longer be able to accommodate most commercial vans as a stop on the Road to Hana tour. Due to the size of their historic facilities, they can not easily accommodate the influx of tour based guests during certain times of the afternoon. We regret that we will miss the opportunity to bring our guests to this location in the time frame that will make this stop enjoyable for all. We do not like to rush through other amazing stops on our road to Hana tour so the decision to miss this stop has not been taken lightly. We encourage everyone during their Maui vacation to visit upcountry to see the winery, the deli and other beautiful places on Maui.

Tedeschi Winery in Maui

Hawaii’s oldest, most famous winery is a true find. Located on the rolling slopes of Haleakala in Ulupalakua, it’s quaint ambiance and impressive wine menu is much appreciated after a long day on the road. Be sure to sample Maui’s fine wines (be sure to take some home), hang out at the picnic area and explore the gift shop.

Rose Ranch

There could be no finer way to end our day than to include on our tour a stop at the lovely Rose Ranch, home of the Tedeschi Winery. Spreading “aloha” by offering complimentary tastings to everyone, (over 21 years of age), who comes by is just one more reason not to miss this little gem. The “King’s Cottage”, formerly the guest cottage for the King and his visitors to the ranch, is now a tasting room. King Kalakaua frequented the Rose Ranch and it was built specifically for him. He was a bit of a partier and liked to entertain his guests by hosting many a late night “‘ao ‘ao” (party) and poker games, while serving the finest libations, especially champagnes (of course!).

During it’s early days, the Rose Ranch produced starchy foods like potatoes and corn and shipped them to California to feed the multitude of miners who had come for the Gold Rush. Then they switched to sugar production because of a sugar mill located in Ulupalakua so they took advantage of it. The sugar mill closed in 1883 and it was then that Rose Ranch became a working cattle ranch.

Throughout Rose Ranch the history of the area is tastefully displayed, with pride, all over the property in the form of photos, paintings and other types of art and architecture. The vine-covered sugar mill, the lava rock dairy (now a fermentation plant for the winery), and even the old plantation jail is now used as a private wine tasting room.

The Tedeschi Winery was born with the planting of it’s first grape vines, back in 1974. About this time it became obvious to the owners that there was an abundance of other tropical fruit, especially pineapples, readily available on Maui. Inspired, they tried their luck at creating a pineapple wine, the first of which became Maui Blanc. Today it’s a wildly successful winery, known for it’s unique tropical flavors and, of course, it’s location. After all, it is situated in one of the most remote spots on earth!